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Tracy Smith

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My life so far has been a series of great expectations and hillarious disapointments. It's probably the same for most women who day dream too much.


I would love to quit getting ahead of myself and just be in the moment, but Man o Man that is so freakin slow! Let's cut to the chase already. Everytime I go on a date, I take the neccessary information to make my "movie". It's all there in the first few minutes of his pitch. Then, I run with it. By the time the check comes I'm already standing at his graveside dressed like a grieving widow and ready to move on to the next phase in the epic trilogy that is my life.


Maybe it's short attention span, or maybe it's a lack of committment, but I can't help thinking that the life that went on in my head is always so much more fun than the one I'm existing in. With that said, since it's all just make believe anyway, I'm not afraid to do some sabotaging just to make things a little more interesting to the "outside viewers". What could be more boring than a happy relationship?


Life without one that's the answer. To go through a series of beginings with one person after the next is the next best thing to listening to Top 40 or Classic Rock radio. Sure, some of it is gold, but the repetition of it will make you eventually want to put a gun in your mouth. And the sadness of stupditiy of it all is exactly why "Sex in the City" had to come to an end.


I want to see what it's like to stay with someone even if we have to claw each other to the death to do it. Bring it on Honey, cause I'm not calling uncle before you do.


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