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Lois Bromfield

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I was born in Canada into a mentally ill family, somehow both my siblings are in show business. I went too New York City on a dare when I was 23. Fell in love with Americans and decided to stay in the country illegally and pursue a career in stand up Comedy. At the time there were no comedy clubs in Canada where a comic could work out. Of course now, there's Yuk Yuks , a major chain of comedy clubs all over Canada. I lived in New York City for about two years, mostly working out my comedy act at the Improv - at that time located in Hell’s Kitchen. I took off for LA to seek fortune and fame. I landed at the Comedy Store and for the next ten years I worked out pretty much every night, made some great friends, made a ton of television appearances. I became a very strong road comic. My comrades will attest too that. After a few years I had an opportunity to write a spec script for Roseanne and was lucky to be hired as a writer on her show. This launched my writing career, and an ulcer. I went on to write on many sitcoms, Grace Under Fire, Drew Carry, ect. By the way, I have none of that money left... Enjoy your retirement. I moved to New York City, in 2001, to work with HBO, LOGO, as a writer, and to pick up where I left off with my standup. Since then, I've worked some of the major venues, Gotham, Stand-Up New York and Charlie Good-Nights. Stand up is in my blood and I can't shake it!!!


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