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Derek Sheen

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Hi, I'm Derek Sheen, a Seattle based comedian, writer, actor and host of the very popular "Delicious Mediocrity" podcast (available for download on iTunes!). I was lucky enough to be raised around talented people and became interested in the art of comedy around the age of four. That was when my Mom got me a copy of "The Sick Humor of Lenny Bruce". I wore the grooves off of it and would perform full pieces of the album for my family and friends. The laughter I got just from copying bits off albums sparked an addiction to attention that was hard to match. Soon, I was copping bits by everyone from Cosby to Carlin, From Dick Gregory to Phylis Diller and eventually I decided that I wanted to try making my own jokes! It wasn't easy, but after years of heartbreaking disappointments, personal tragedies, abject failure, personal struggles with alcohol and drugs, giving 'tuggers' to strangers just so I could afford a taco, I think I found the right formula to re-create that euphoric feeling I used to get, so long ago in my parents living room. I can't wait to share with you what I've learned... no, not the handjob part!!? The funny part! Come along with me as I share with you the wonderful, sometimes tragic, sometimes very dark but hopefully very funny pieces of my life! If nothing else, there might be a handjob in it for you??

Derek Sheen has performed with:

Jim Jeffries, Arj Barker, Maria Bamford, Reggie Watts, Rick Shapiro, Robin Williams, Billy Wayne Davis, Brent Weinbach, Jon Dore, Hari Kondabolu, Brian Posehn, Todd Glass, Laurie Kilmartin, Myq Kaplan, Paul Myrehaug, ...and many more

You may have even seen me here:

The Showbox Theater-Seattle
The Moore Theater-Seattle
The Paramount Theater-Seattle
The Bridgetown Comedy Festival-Portland, Ore.
The Olio Festival-Vancouver, Canada
Sasquatch Music Festival-George, Washington
Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival-Seattle


Derek Sheen's Upcoming Shows

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Derek Sheen is Known For
Credit Details Role
Seattle Comedy Documentary A documentary filmed by Clint Berquist, over a series of three years during the Seattle Alt-Comedy Boom
Steel of Fire Warriors 2010 A.D. Long Form Science Fiction Comedy Robo-Bot
Adventure Buddies ep.1 thru 5 Internet Serial shot in HD. It's an amazing parody, care of ClarketheVogt productions and available on Funny or Die Theodore Shotgun Explosion Jones the 3rd
Delicious Mediocrity Podcast
Derek Sheen's Videos