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Katrina Brown

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 The family seemed complete enough; Half a dozen kids. All olive skinned, dark haired, Italian mixed children with petite builds and big, brown eyes….

But her mother got greedy. HAD to have one more kid. HAD to…..

….juuust one more….


Out came Katrina.

Fire red hair and an attitude to match, obviously the Odd Ball of the clan, she was destined to stand out in a crowd. When you look like a stranger in your own family portrait, it sticks.

Dubbed “The Weird One” by her step-father, Katrina has spent her life living up to that nickname. With her metal head and potpourri of physical oddities, there is no shortage of material for her to draw from, and share her skewed view of the world around her.

Add in a marriage to a Sasquatch and the birth of her two sons, and this woman found a lot to say….. and an audience that is listening, laughing, and relating.

Extending beyond the “male” and “female” barriers of funny, Katrina focuses on just being Human: the things that draw us together, and the differences that set us apart. From every day life to parenthood and being a wife, the perils of aging and being a Pop Culture Addict, the world provides her with material.

Just frumpy enough that other women don’t view her as threatening, just cute enough that men won’t ignore her, she walks that line on what is universally funny to all audiences.

She looks like your average Soccer Mom, but never judge a book by its cover. Blue enough to merit a PG-13 rating, and clean enough to not horrify people, Katrina leaves an audience better for the experience, even if it is only to be glad that her kids aren’t their kids, her life isn’t their life, and they weren’t born into her genetic joke of a body.


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