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Ian Salmon

Ian Salmon Ian Salmon Ian Salmon Ian Salmon 4 Photos

Ian has toured all over the world to places like Japan, China, Holland, England and Canada and has been seen on many TV shows like Comedy Central and Showtime at the Apollo. Ian’s comedy has been compared to Bill Cosby and at times Flip Wilson.  But a more accurate description of Ian’s comedy would be that his style of telling jokes is unique in the way he delivers his punch lines, he takes you on a journey with his stories taking the audience through various emotions before delivering a carefully placed punch line. His comedy is a window in to his life, he welcomes you to laugh with him as well as at him, when you leave an Ian Salmon show you feel like you just made a friend.


Ian Salmon's Upcoming Shows
Ian Salmon is Known For
Credit Details Role
Welcome to The Family Major TV Show Boxer
GSN Baggage Him-self
HBO''s The Wire Drug Dealer
Showtime at The Apollo Comedian
Comedy Central''s Laugh Riots Comedian
Ian Salmon's Videos