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Heather Height

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Heather Height


Not unlike many who find their paths leading to Stand-up comedy, the roots of Heather Height's career can be traced back to the classrooms and schoolyards she encountered during her parents generous attempts to expand her life experiences by moving from place to place, making her the perpetual “new kid,” which aided in her development of the ability to talk her way out of being pummeled by bullies from Pennsylvania to California and several school districts in between. By the time she graduated high school in Big Bear, CA, she had developed a sufficient level of equal parts insecurity and comedic timing to encourage her to put off a career, raise four children, get a useless degree in social sciences from a community college and become a certified massage therapist. Alright, well maybe that last bit isn't like many, but the first part about the schools... well, other comics have had problems in school.

Like some of the greats (Phyllis Diller, Rodney Dangerfield) Heather didn't actually become a comic until she was 37. I know, that's only two greats, but they were pretty darn great. The similarities between Heather and these two icons of comedy pretty much end there. Phyllis Diller broke new ground for women in comedy and Rodney starred in what are now classic comedic films and launched the careers of some of the greatest comedians of our time in his young comedian showcase on HBO. Heather decided to go into radio. Well, sort of radio, internet radio, or as she likes to call it, The multimedia interactive combination of talk radio and TV extravaganza! Actually, she never called it that, but it sure sounds cool! Oh, and she also looks nothing like Phyllis Diller or Rodney Dangerfield, so she's got that going for her.

Heather Height is the co-host of HSR on Brickhouse Radio ( and the host of her own project, a sex advice/talk show with a comedic bent called Naughty Bits which broadcasts on the same platform. HSR has been recognized three years running by Talkers Magazine's Frontier 50. ( and Naughty Bits has drawn the attention of publications such as Penthouse and High Times magazine (yes, magazines still exist). She has had the opportunity to interview stars of the adult industry such as Cole and Hunter of Maverick Men ( ), Penthouse Pet of the year Taylor Vixen, alt porn stars Jesse Lee and Misty Dawn, sex therapist Tallulah Sulis, and former front man of the legendary metal band Life of Agony turned leading lady of The Neptune Darlings Mina (Keith) Caputo )

As a stand-up comedian Heather Height has had the honor of working with the likes of Colin Quinn and Bob Levy. (not actually them, just two guys like them) No really, she worked with them as well as Mick Foley, Otto and George, and Robert Kelly. She has weaseled her way on to The Opie & Anthony show and The Ron and Fez show, as well as being an actual invited guest on Weird Medicine with Doctor Steve, all on Sirius/XM Satellite radio.
In addition to comedy and radio, Heather Height is a freelance writer. She has written reviews for Laughspin (formerly Punchline Magazine, articles about holistic medicine as well as television and movie reviews, but has garnered the most accolades from her readers with her sex advice columns earning her a reputation (a favorable reputation, mostly) for her unapologetic candor.

Heather Height can be found of Facebook at and on Twitter at @heatherheight, where one can marvel at her mastery of social networking, or by e-mail at



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Mary Knows Best Syfy channel Personal assistant
The Opie & Anthony Show Opie invited me to do a short set on the air.
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