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Chad Riden

Chad Riden Chad Riden Chad Riden Chad Riden 4 Photos

Chad Riden’s comedy is about his chaotic reality. A full time road comic since 2006, Riden’s last few years have featured bankruptcy, divorce, foreclosure and the best shows of his life. Chad has appeared on “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central, the Late Show with David Letterman’s “Tony Mendez Show”, ABC’s “Nashville,” and is featured on CMT-Canada’s upcoming “Mississippi Snake Grabbers.” Biding time until his “snake money starts rolling in” when he is “super duper MF’ing Canada Famous” – Riden continues to tour the nation using his smart-ass super powers for good, not evil.

“Chad Riden – good guy. Been through a lot. His heart’s heavy. World’s weighing on Chad. Weighs heavy on Chad. He’s got a burden.. but he’s a funny guy. It makes him a funny guy. That burden makes him funny.” - Marc Maron, WTF episode 209 (September, 2011) & in Marc’s book “Attempting Normal.”

Over the course of a weekend in February 2011, Doug Stanhope called Chad Riden “wicked funny” once, “fucking brilliant” twice, and “stupid” only one time.

“His observations on the domestic sphere teeter amiably on the edge.” – The Nashville Scene


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Chad Riden is Known For
Credit Details Role
Morty’s “Trial By Laughter” (Indianapolis, IN) televised stand-up comedy show stand-up comedy set
"The Daily Show" (Comedy Central) acted in a sketch with Jessica Williams Healthcare Lottery Prize Patrol Guy
CMT-Canada’s “Mississippi Snake Grabbers” Was part of the "comedians" team competing against "roller derby girls" and "ex-NFL players" teams to catch the most snakes. speaking role, on camera throughout the entire episode
ABC''''s "Nashville" appeared on camera in multiple episodes
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