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GeeGee Wong

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Gee-Gee, born and raised in Washington, DC, has been a hairstylist by day for 19 years. One day, in 2007, a friend offered to take her out. She suggested that they go out to Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club where a longtime friend of hers was to perform, Godfather. They went to the show. Now she knew from past experiences that comedian hate people to be late and to walk or talk during their performance. She had a few drinks and needed to use the restroom while running the risk of being made fun of. Just as she arose from her seat the comedian on stage did just that. She knew what was coming and made fun him as well. Godfather the comedian told her that what she was doing was what they called “heckling”. He told her, as she was being escorted out of the club by the bouncers, that he has an open mic that she could perform at if she thought she was funny. She took him up on that offer and has been doing it ever since. She has performed consistently on stages in DC, MD, VA, NJ, NY, OH and NC. The majority of her material comes from the very clients, male and female, who sit in her chair, her husband as well as from her two son’s ages 16 and 19. The versatility of her style of comedy originates from her theory that man is composed of three parts; mind, body and spirit. She can give you funny using her spiritual thoughts, mental thoughts as well as her fleshly thoughts. She has been called a “natural” by the hilarious multitalented Chris Thomas formerly the “Mayor of Rap City”. She has performed on stages and has been the opening act for/ with highly accomplished comedians such as Mike Brooks, Tony Woods, Howard G, Teddy Carpenter, Renaldo Ray, Red Grant, Joe Torry, Sean Sarvis and many, many more. She loves to make people laugh. She understands that people come to see the show and not to be the show. She has featured and hosted at Laugh Out Loud in Temple Hills, Maryland and Martini’s in FT. Washington, Maryland. She has been hired to perform at comedy clubs, clubs, anniversary parties, birthday parties, churches, fashion shows, special programs and the family cook-out. She has performed/ auditioned for the talent coordinators for Def Comedy Jam, Who Got Jokes and Martin Lawrence’s 1st Amendment. Gee- Gee loves making people laugh. She sees it as a hobby, a career and a gift. Also she has hosted her own show called "Tipping for Laughs" where the audience throws $1 bills if they think the comedian is funny at House of Chang then Queen Makeda's. She is a Comedienne for life!


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