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Ahri Findling

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Ahri Findling is a Jewish American standup Comedian, Writer, Actor, and in charge of almost everything he does. Growing up in Suburban Jew Jersey, New Jersey, Ahri started writing at a very young age. Early on, most of these were drawing's, much to his denial. When asked about how he got into writing at such an early age Ahri responds "Somebody had to put food on the table" Ahri continued writing through high school, this time more words than pictures and started acting at age 16. He was the 12th lead in Chicago, playing the Tay Diggs character. He admits, he thought he was playing Tay Diggs, not a character played by Tay Diggs, but loved the role nonetheless. After graduating College and moving to Pittsburgh, Ahri began his comedy career at the Pittsburgh Improv. His comedy credits include the Pittsburgh Improv, New York's Comic Strip Live and starring in the straight to Laserdisc one man show "The Lonesome Jew"


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Chicago Island Lake Performing Arts Bandleader
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