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Lawson Leong

Lawson Leong Lawson Leong Lawson Leong 3 Photos

Lawson Leong is a 21 year old stand up comedian currently living in Brooklyn, New York. He started doing comedy in February, 2009 and has featured been on shows such as "Sack Lunch", "Ghandi Where Are You?" and "Ditch Comedy Show". He was also a finalist in the "Edge Zone" comedy contest. He currently produces a monthly show at the Perch Cafe in Brooklyn titled "Human Sacrifice".


Lawson Leong's Upcoming Shows

    There are no Upcoming Shows listed for this comedian.

Lawson Leong is Known For
Credit Details Role
UrbanErotika Show An erotic variety show held monthly at the Bowery Poetry Club Performer/First comedian to ever perform on show
Human Sacrifice Comedy Show Monthly Comedy Show at Perch Cafe Producer/Performer
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