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Eric Grady

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What is it like to be 6'9" and 155 lbs? Just ask Eric Grady. At that height and weight, it gives the NORMAL individual a whole new perspective on life.. and that's what you get when Eric hits the stage...Fresh, and funny, and MOSTLY clean fun is what this Tall Guy comedian leaves his audiences with when they have seen one of his performances. His act stems from his absurd height. But there is more to it than just “Tall Guy” jokes. Eric has a very natural and ease about him on stage and you just can’t help but feel comfortable and ready to laugh. His nice guy demeanor ropes you in and before you know it Eric has turned a phrase and gone from PG to a hard PG-13 - but he really doesn’t delve too far into blue territory. He's honed his 'rapid fire' comedy to be quick, sharp, and hilarious. Eric talks about himself, and his view on the world around him, including subjects such as; his life being so tall, his marriage, his step-children, his dog, his single life, his travels, and his accent, to name a few. You can catch Eric at a comedy club near you. And you should. Eric is a VERY funny person.


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Last Comic Standing Comedian
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