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Brandt Tobler

Brandt Tobler Brandt Tobler Brandt Tobler Brandt Tobler Brandt Tobler Brandt Tobler Brandt Tobler 7 Photos

Brandt David Tobler was born September 23, 1977 in Cheyenne, Wyoming.When he was 1, he pooped his pants often and everybody laughed at him. At the age of 5, he stopped shitting his pants and began getting his education at Deming-Miller elementary school. There he met most of his friends, many of whom he remains close to even today. On the playground, lots of kids were drawn to him because he could throw a Nerf Turbo Football really, really far. Girls did not like him at all. At the age of 13, he went to McCormick Jr. high school, where he began to make people laugh. He also excelled at basketball and water fights. Brandt was voted Class Clown in ninth grade; he has a picture proving this claim in a yearbook on a shelf in his mother’s garage, if you don’t believe him. Girls still could not stand him. At the age of 16, Brandt went to high school at Central High, where he was a two-sport star, playing basketball and soccer. He was often compared to Bo Jackson because he liked to wear Nikes and Umbro shorts. He was once again voted Class Clown because he “…knew people that could make that sort of thing happen.” At the age of 19, Brandt entered a junior college in Wyoming. After about a month he dropped out. At 20, he went to junior college again, but proceeded to drop out after one month. AGAIN. At 21, he decided to give it the “Old College Try” once more, this time in Arizona. However, as usual, he dropped out. (This go-round lasted seven whole months.) College girls didn’t really like him either. Once he turned 22, Brandt finally came to the conclusion that secondary education was not for him, and he decided to move to Las Vegas with hopes of getting a job as a pirate at Treasure Island. Unfortunately, after his first day on the job, Brandt realized that he was allergic to parrots — and 9-to-5 employment — thus forcing him to retire from Pirate Life forever. He began doing stand-up in the Las Vegas open-mic scene and quickly became a crowd favorite all over town. Brandt is also much-loved among other comedians, partly because he always buys them beer, but mostly because he is a loyal and encouraging friend. After two years of comedy in Las Vegas he began to travel the country, performing all across the 50 states. He then returned to Las Vegas and founded the legendary Backyard Comedy Show. In the Backyard Show, Brandt created an independent, grass-roots, censor- and clique-free forum for comics to do what they love to do, which is perform, without having to deal with the confines of typical Vegas-casino red tape. Some of America’s funniest stand-up comedians have come to town to perform with Brandt. Brandt now lives in Hollywood, California and can be seen performing at clubs, colleges, theaters, on TV, and backyards all over the world! If you get the chance make sure to check him out LIVE! He always delivers a laid-back, offbeat, hilarious brand of comedy you are sure to enjoy.



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