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Kevin Ruble

Kevin Ruble 1 Photo

 Kevin was born in a small midwestern dot, thankfully everything he learned there he forgot.  Kevin holds a Fine Art degree from Indiana University and The Herron School of Fine Art, he is an advocate of artistic freedom.  Kevin has written and performed for, The Matt Clemens Show and is currently shooting a cooking show called "FOOD PLANET" ( Kevin also played Brad in the movie "The Waiter" (IMDb credit) and appeared  in the film short "Carlos and Alejandro". Lastly, Kevin was the founder and creator of: Jack Daniels Presents, "PARVENU" a charity arts festival that raised money for the American Cancer Society as Kevin is a Cancer survivor himself.  Kevin has been performing stand-up for over seven years. After a near fatal bout with screen door scurvy, Kevin loves whiskey, biscuits and a lively crowd.


Kevin Ruble's Upcoming Shows

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Kevin Ruble is Known For
Credit Details Role
The Cleveland Comedy Festival, Cleveland, OH
The World Series of Comedy, Las Vegas, NV
Kevin Ruble's Videos
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