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Shayne Michael

Shayne Michael Shayne Michael Shayne Michael Shayne Michael Shayne Michael Shayne Michael 6 Photos

Shayne Michael was born Shayne Michael Whitehead on May 5th 1971. His first performance as a stand-up comic was ay a high school talent assembly called Senior Varieties. After graduation Shayne made his nightclub debut at Fun Seekers in Scottsdale. He meanwhile began attending ASU. While attending ASU, he majored in Journalism and continued to write and perform on the side. Towards his last year of college he joined with Louis Anthony Russo's Star Theater and continued training in stand-up and improv comedy. Much of what Russo taught, are the comedy principles, Shayne adheres to today. While still at college, Shayne joined the San Francisco Comedy Invasion staring Roger Heater and Keith Hertz. Through that tour, Shayne began touring the state of Arizona, playing small towns like Douglas, Winslow and Flag Staff. Upon graduating from ASU, Shayne joined the Psychiatric Comedy Tour, replacing Keith Hertz and Mark Weitz. As the tour continued throughout the North West United States, Shayne began to help book the tour, taking a place in both the entertainment end and the business end of the tour. When he realized the headliner's abusive attitude would never end, Shayne left the tour just before it began to play Missouri. From that point on, Heater was the only comic on the Psychiatric Comedy Tour's bill who would actually show up, as Shayne was not replaced. From that point on he focused on his website, This had always been a resource for comedians and comedy fans. As it became better, Shayne got tired of competing with Rob Twohy's similar site. The two sites, Shayne-Michael.COM and HeyLady.Com merged creating Laugh Support and an unprecedented open mic database for comics. Most comics were unimpressed and spent little time reading LAugh Support. the majority of their time whining that it was no longer free. This later lead to the very unpopular venue San Genarro, where comics whined we have to bring people but almost never said thanks for being paid. San Genarro was the first to fail. Ultimately the partnership between Shayne’s website and Rob’s was doomed and forgotten as comics forgot HeyLady and flocked to cheap free knock off sites. After Joe Braza left the Comedy Squared team, Shayne realized the HeyLady.COM/ Shayne-Michael.COM partnership was over for good. After a year of Laugh Support for fans and two years of Laugh Support, there was no alternative but to divide the sites again. Shortly afterwards Ari David {whom Shayne use to run a show with at the Malibu in} turned him onto MySpace as a promotional tools. Shayne used the blog feature to publish a daily humor column, thus returning to his roots as a comedy writer. About that time Shayne really got into comedy. Unfortunately one bad real estate investment forced him to take an extended break. It wasn’t until two years later that Shayne could begin performing again with any consistency. Today Shayne still is a weekly performer at the Coffee Haven in Long Beach and all over Southern California. Those shows are usually posted on this site every Sunday. He has written nearly one new humor column per day since November 2005. Those blogs, which began on MySpace, ironically began with an internet favorite, 50 Signs Your Contractor is A Moron. 1208 lists, columns and original jokes later, Shayne has barely let up for a single day, creating what is the largest collection of original humor on the Internet. This April he also created the audio blog Fridays at the Coffee Haven, which shares the best of local shows with a world wide internet audience, since these days gas costs more than the average person’s car. To date Shayne has performed at the Improv, the Ice House, Second City, Zanies, Improv Olymic, Westside Eclectic Theatre, the Chicago Comedy Festival, the LA Cabaret and other venues to numerous to count. In addition to being a comic, Shayne has worked as an educator, a custodian and a composer. Examples of his music can be found under the link called MIDI clips, though they have nothing to do with comedy. Shayne has also released two eBooks in PDF format. 101 Unpublished Lists Volume 1 & 2. Both books are available free to download to registered members or can be purchased via donation through paypal. Current projects in the work include the former Podcast On Point For Love, a weekly comedy show on sex, love and relationships, produced for friend and fellow comic Rosee that lasted for two seasons.


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The Comedy Etc Show co-creator Emcee
The Psychiatric Comedy Tour NW United States Feature
Chicago Comedy Festival The Thinker Opener
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