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Tommy Gimler

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 Tommy Gimler’s embarrassing story began on March 17, 1978 in Milwaukee, WI. He weighed over nine pounds at birth, and he weighed in at a whopping twenty-one pounds at the age of six months.
Throughout his childhood, Tommy was constantly the victim of very comical situations; well at least through the eyes of the onlooker. At the age of six, Tommy “wet” the bed and soaked the baseball cards that he decided to sleep with that night.
At the age of eleven, Tommy “wet” the bed again for the eighth consecutive year, a Gimler record to this day. At the age of thirteen, he was rejected by the first girl he asked out. Also, he was the only kid in the eighth grade still tight-rolling his pants.
High school was extremely fun for Tommy. He attended the prestigious Mukwonago High School in Wisconsin, and he had dental braces put on his freshman year. At a Friday night dance, he asked a girl to dance. After wiping the food off her face that Tommy had just spit on her, she replied, “No.” At the age of fifteen, Tommy figured how to get the Playboy channel for free on his parents’ family room TV. He didn’t attend a Friday night dance for the rest of the year.
Tommy graduated the “Harvard of the Midwest” (University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point) in December of 2000 with a 3.3 grade-point average, four “alcohol awareness” certificates, and one catheter experience he would rather forget.
In July of 2004, Tommy released his first full-length album Hairy Nipples to critical acclaim. According to Thom White of The Citizine, Tommy “touches on the essentials in life – being horny, screwing, s**tting, and the fat female psyche.”
In the next five years, Tommy would release four more albums. His latest effort, Coprophagia, was released in April of 2010. Shortly before its release, Tommy signed a digital distribution deal with New Wave Entertainment. Now fans can purchase Tommy Gimler tunes and ringtones from sites such as iTunes,, and more.
Sirius/XM Satellite Radio has taken notice, and Tommy now has 25 different songs in rotation. He has also done comedy and emcee work for Budweiser, Animal Planet, Mountain Dew, ABC Family, AOL, and more at events such as the Super Bowl, MLB All-Star Game, and X Games. In June of 2010, Tommy signed with Mitsubishi to host their webisode as part of their summer/fall marketing campaign.
Tommy performs at colleges, comedy clubs, and bars nationwide, but he usually can be seen in the Los Angeles area. Since 2008 Tommy has been a regular performer at The Laugh Factory. He has also performed for different producers at both The Comedy Store and Improv in Hollywood. Visit for more information.


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