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Joey Marmo

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Joey Marmo, with his hilarious renditions of his “Mother” and “Father” has taken L.A. by storm. His sultry, vindictive, martini drinking, cigarette smoking mother with her constant repetition of her son’s name, “JOSEPH”, would make Norman Bates mother look like a saint. His overbearing control freak father, with his hiked up pants, and Wally style glasses would make any drill sergeant cringe. Joey’s take on life working in the suburbs of L.A. as a real estate broker will make any Angeline buckle over with laughter. His life at home with 4 California Blonde daughters and Blonde wife will confuse any surfer boy how he got so lucky. Over the past few years, his unique brand of comedy and outrageous antics has earned him the title “a cross between Andy Kaufman and Steven Wright.” Joey has been hired twice by Jerry Lewis to perform on his Telethon, is a regular at The World Famous Comedy Store in Hollywood, has appeared on Rosanne, National television commercials, and has worked with Pauly Shore. His antics once gave him accolades from comedy giant Richard Pryor. If you need to sell your house, please call him.


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