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Stan Stankos

Stan Stankos Stan Stankos Stan Stankos Stan Stankos Stan Stankos 5 Photos

A Stand-up comic in New York City and a Chicago native. Stan has released three comedy albums over the past decade, available at iTunes. His latest was nominated for 2009 comedy album of the year by JPF. He's a frequent guest on the Bob and Tom Show and he's heard on Siruis/XM.  Currently writing jokes for basic cable tv, NPR radio, the webseries Market Watch Watch and donkey-punching up scripts.


Stan Stankos's Upcoming Shows

    There are no Upcoming Shows listed for this comedian.

Stan Stankos is Known For
Credit Details Role
Market Watch Watch web-series Contributing Writer
NYC Underground Comedy Festival 2007, 2010 Featured Comedian
The Jimmy Dore Show NPR Radio Contributing Writer
Sports Show with Norm MacDonald Comedy Central Contributing Writer
The Bob and Tom Show Nationwide Syndicated Radio Guest
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