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Ligeia, The Musical

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In 1838, Edgar Allan Poe began a journey with a short story about the beautifully haunting Ligeia, and in 1845 he inserted a macabre verse about the tragedy of man using imagery of madness, sin, and human gore. This visionary act of romanticizing death would set forth an unstoppable path to the current resurrection of Poe's monster. In 2010 Jade Bartlett of the Wonderland Robbers and Elyssa Samsel (BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop) picked up Edgar's quill and fulfilled his dark plans to walk the razor's edge of beauty and death... More accurately while chugging from a bottle of absinthe, they ripped the quill from his cold dead hand and kicked him in the face. Written in booze and blood the new musical Ligeia is a combination of classically influenced music and a gothically charged ghost story. 2011 in NYC, we arrive ready to bring you into our Dark Education. On March 14th it is time to draw back the curtain and arrange a glimpse into our world of obsession, beauty, addiction, and ultimately death. At the Metropolitan Room in concert form with 6 incredibly talented performers, we will conjure a new genre in musical theater, the horror musical. Forget what you know about the Sweeney guy, the music of the night, or that cute little plant that talks and sings. We take the next step in a journey that began 163 years ago, a journey to make you fall in love with evil, a journey to embrace the darker words.


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