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Jamal Coleman

Jamal Coleman Jamal Coleman Jamal Coleman Jamal Coleman Jamal Coleman Jamal Coleman Jamal Coleman 7 Photos

Jamal Coleman has a gift. He is naturally a funny person. He has developed his style based on extreme silliness and witty jokes. Jamal has been fortunate enough to open for and be mentored by such comics such as Rob Stapleton, Eric Blake, Melanie Camacho, Jeff Garcia, Willie Barcena, Alonzo Bodden, Shang, and Honest John to name a few. He has been in some of the same footsteps as the greats with appearances at The improvs, Comedy store and various clubs and bars where the greats go to get their chops. With his own podcast entitled,, he is even finding new ways to be entertaining.  Jamal's business edicate has granted him the postion of producer for on the number one internet talk radio station. He consistantly does shows for charity and he also does clean stand up for the people who request it.  . Jamal comes from a musical background and every once and a while he uses his freestyle rap abilities to make his shows more interactive with the crowd.  This man is one good show.


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