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Lost Moon Radio

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 LOST MOON RADIO is a comedy and music show based in Los Angeles, CA. At each performance, audiences watch a live one-hour "broadcast" from DJ Jupiter Jack, a fried-out remnant of the 1960s who, against all odds, maintains a radio program he claims to transmit from "the Lost Moon of Jupiter." Though Jack may (or may not) have left Earth for the Big Inky of outer space, his show is still stuck on terrestrial radio (usually in a late-night slot on the tasteless Top 40 station KTSH in the San Fernando Valley). Nevertheless, Jack continues to spins his genre-bending songs and comedic sketches, all performed live for the audience by a company of seasoned actors and the show's house band, The Moon Units. To Jack, they're profound; to us, they're hilarious. LOST MOON RADIO, now in its 9th installment, was named Live Comedy LA's Show of the Year for 2009.

LOST MOON RADIO was founded in January 2009 by Ryan Harrison, Rich Ramberg, Dylan Ris and Frank Smith as a way to explore their shared love of comedy and music. The first performance at St. Nick's Pub was a runaway hit, selling out and garnering critical praise. It featured current cast members Lauren Flans, Dan Mahoney, Martha Marion and Matt McKenna alongside Harrison and Smith. The Moon Units line-up included Ramberg and Ris as well as Michael Wells. For their next "episode," director Lauren Ludwig came on board and has been with the group ever since. With each subsequent show, LOST MOON RADIO has continued to expand the scope and scale of the production, pushing the boundaries of comedy and music and exploring the psychedelic realm where they intersect.


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