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David Alfano

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A Rhode Island native, David received his B.A. from Emerson College where he hosted the 25 Annual Evvy Awards and has been performing in LA ever since. His recent film and video credits include "Saturday Night Zero" for Coke Zero, "Ollie's Place," "Permagrin," Northside Comedy, "ConScience," the "Honey & Joy" web sitcom, and "The Best Way To Quit Smoking;" a video that he co-wrote for The Second City Network. David has also appeared in commercials for AAA, Jack in the Box and Sony. He performed on stage in LA in the Actors Collective production of Reinaldo Povod's Broadway play "Cuba and his Teddy Bear," as well as in the live comedy "Drunk Talk," and in the one act comedy "The Real Housewives of William Shakespeare." David has studied and performed improv and sketch comedy at The Second City Hollywood and IO West with the groups "Bramigo!," "Crisis Averted," "David and Goliath," the "Second City House Improv Ensemble," "RomCom" and "Fortune and Glory." Most recently David was in the cast of the archive sketch show "Requiem for the American Dream: The Best of the Second City," co-wrote and performed in the original Second City Hollywood sketch show "One City Under Smog" and was chosen to perform in the 5th Annual NBC Diversity Comedy Showcase. David is also a certified Sommelier (true story), so in addition to entertaining you, he'll also pair the perfect wine to go with your laughter.


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David Alfano is Known For
Credit Details Role
Ollie''s Place Independent Feature Film Supporting (Alejandro)
Honey & Joy Online Sitcom Lead (Randy Marp)
Permagrin Independent Feature Film Supporting (Pete)
Saturday Night Zero Coke Zero Short Film Starring (Mark)
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