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Paul Leo Dietz

Paul Leo Dietz Paul Leo Dietz Paul Leo Dietz 3 Photos

 Originally, Paul hails from the Milwaukee area.  After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, the soon to be struggling actor drove his delightful Honda Civic packed with soon to be broken dreams out to the land of Angels. 

He began behind the camera bouncing from PA jobs to assistant gigs.  While working as an assistant in development at G4TV, Paul decided that he had had enough of the office grind.  So, he went into acting... Looking back on it now, Paul should'a stuck it out for at least 6 months to a year because the writers' strike was happening. 

Over the next couple of years Paul embarked on his training.  He graduated the conservatory at Second City-Hollywood and flew through the long-form program.  While learning improv, he was emersed in the 2 year Meisner Program with Joshua Bitton. 

Paul's been involved in several shows, shoots, and etc. around town.  He also writes, mainly features.  But, he has a few sketches and a pilot that he's working (just like everyone else in this town...).



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