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The Occidental Gypsy

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Occidental Gypsy pioneers the sound of Gypsy Pop. Their mélange of high-energy Gypsy rhythms and catchy melodic Pop hooks deliver a thrilling auditory experience. Perhaps this is why they decided to gypsify Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” on their debut album, Over Here. Released in February 2011, Over Here has quickly garnered critical acclaim. Motif Magazine wrote, “listeners will surely be all-in with Occidental Gypsy’s Over Here,” and defined the band as “a terrific and unpretentious fab four”. The band is fronted by Berklee-trained singer and rhythm guitarist Scott Kulman (“Scottie”), backed by Korean-born violinist Jul Kang, and brothers Brett (lead guitar) and Jeff Feldman (bass). Brett and Scottie serendipitously met on a park bench, which happened to be the same park bench where Scott’s grandmother had approached a guitar-slinging Brett months earlier, speaking highly of her grandson’s musical talent. Scottie introduced Jul to the band, though the introduction was restricted to communication via their instruments because she barely spoke English when she first joined the group. Lack of verbal communication has never limited the band's ability to exchange musical ideas that have inspired their unique sound. Gypsy music has proven its accessibility in the success of such acts as Gogo Bordello, Caravan Palace, The Lost Fingers, and the Gipsy Kings. It should then come as no surprise that Occidental Gypsy has engaged a wide spectrum that is making its way across multiple markets. Occidental Gypsy’s approach stems from the influence of Gypsy Swing founders Django Reinhardt and Stephan Grapelli. Gypsy Swing was created by taking American Jazz to the East and blending it with the Gypsy Folk tradition. Now, almost a century later, Occidental Gypsy is bringing the music back home. Each member possesses a deep understanding and reverence of the Gypsy style, and feel honored to share the music with the ears of new audiences.


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