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Stupid Questions

 Stupid Questions 1 Photo

Stupid Questions

Denver, CO, July 2010, 11 mins.
Australia, May 2009, 20 mins.
Short Film

"stupid questions" is the story of Lucy, a feisty, young casting assistant trying to make it -- even though she’s not quite sure what “it” is. Terrified she’s on the fast track to becoming her single and bitter boss, Lucy decides to hold an open -- and phony -- casting call to find her dream guy. Will Lucy prove that you really can have it all? Starring hot tickets Zelda Williams and Ryan Carnes, “stupid questions” offers a unique perspective on what it's like to be young, vibrant, and broke in a city that can either crush or nourish your dreams.


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Stupid Questions is Known For
Credit Details Role
Director Jessie Kahnweiler
Writer Jessie Kahnweiler
Producers Jessie Kahnweiler & Michael Polier
Cast Zelda Williams, Ryan Carnes, Mallory McGill
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