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Fuzzy Connections

 Fuzzy Connections 1 Photo

Fuzzy Connections

Los Angels, CA - December 2010 - 19 min.
World Premiere
Short Film

"Fuzzy Connections" is a quirky dark comedy that follows two best friends, Clarence and Schmiddy, on their path to re-conciliation after a falling out. Will Schmiddy forgive Clarence for becoming a sex crazed drug addict and leaving their friendship behind? They eventually must overcome their differences and help each other find love in this fuzzy world.


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Fuzzy Connections is Known For
Credit Details Role
Director Jason Weissbrod
Writers Jeff Lorch & Sean Goodman
Producers Jason Weissbrod, Jeff Lorch, & Sean Goodman
Cast Jeff Lorch, Sean Goodman, Danna Brady, & Alejandra Cejudo
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