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The Comic Thread

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Get ready to say you were there the night The Comic Thread FUCT Freedom Snatch! Slightly edgy, very funny, and all original, The Comic Thread (TCT) is the only Chicago-based troupe to have been accepted to the 2011 LA Comedy Festival. What's more, TCT is proud and excited to have LA's very own Andrew Goldenberg and Jimmy Guidish joining the cast from the record-breaking/record-holding improv ensemble Freedom Snatch. What's more, this show is made especially awesome by a guest appearance from New York sketch troupe FUCT's Brian Gillespie. It's a meeting of the coasts and the flyover zone for two hot nights in Los Angeles! TCT is one of the only troupes with a majority of doctors in it. Seriously - real doctors. It's weird. Heralded by The Pioneer Press in 2008 as "Not Professional. Not Funny," TCT has been making everyone but The Pioneer Press laugh since 1998. With a constantly rotating cast but consistent writers and directors since day one, TCT is different than most troupes (and it’s seriously full of real doctors performing non-medical material - it’s very strange). TCTs core members have been collaborating on stage since 1998 and on screen since 1993. Cast members can currently be seen in Chicagoland TV ads airing on ABC/CBS/NBC/WGN, as well in a handful of 30-second ads playing exclusively at Wrigley Field during the 2011 Cubs season. The troupe sold-out its Chicago Sketchfest appearances two years in a row and was asked to perform during a bonus slot as a result. TCT is a true theatrical experience that begins with character-driven material written by a team of sketch comedy veterans and acted by an energetic cast of real, living people. As a testament to the writers' brilliance, the troupe was almost named "The Captain Sugarpants Brigade," but that idea was dropped when the much more hilarious "Comic Thread" got suggested. Hysterical. And TCT hasn't looked back since (at least not without crying). The cast and crew of this brand new show are poised to prey upon your Californian senses with a zillion sound cues, curious and original characters, lots of costumes, and a penchant for making fun of Nazis. And there will very likely be some nudity.

Notable Appearances:
1) 2010 Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival (sold out)
2) 2010 Citadel Theatre Company Festival of One Acts (four guest appearances throughout)
3) 2011 Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival (sold out)
4) 2011 Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival Bonus Show (asked to perform again due to sell-out)

Names of Members:
Matt Birnholz
Nicolas DeGrazia
Andrew Goldenberg
Brian Gillespie
Jimmy Guidish
Daphne Scott
Mark Sheahen
Charles Turck


Review Quotes:
"If you move quickly you can see The Comic Thread at Chicago Sketchfest. Here is a chance to say, in a few years, 'I Knew them when.'"
- Ken Patchen, SUN-TIMES MEDIA
"The hard work and talent exist, and someday you may have to watch them in venues much more expensive."
- Ken Patchen, SUN-TIMES MEDIA
"It's hard to be funny. It's hard to write funny. These guys do it and do it well!"
"Hilarious and well-produced. The Comic Thread manages to be edgy and funny and that is much needed in this day and age."
The troupe's comic styling has taken root in a steady stream of patrons."
- Eric Erickson, CHICAGO TRIBUNE
"Where the fuck have these guys been?!"
- Brian Posen, Executive Director, CHICAGO SKETCH COMEDY FESTIVAL
"The Comic Thread: Not Professional. Not Funny."
- Catey Sullivan, PIONEER PRESS



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