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Mikey's Extreme Romance

 Mikey's Extreme Romance  Mikey's Extreme Romance  Mikey's Extreme Romance 3 Photos


Australia, December 2010, 90min
World Premiere

Mikey is a self-proclaimed Extreme Romancer. He is a legend at protecting Bekky, understanding her moods and cleaning her home. However after meeting a mysterious master stalker he learns the art of deep sleep suggestion, and embarks on a quest to help Bekky realize her dream of becoming a professional wrestler. The only problem is, she doesn’t know he’s in her house and Mikey can’t bring himself to tell the truth about what he does. The law might call it stalking, but he calls it Extreme Romance.

Share the dedication, the pain, the surveillance cameras and even the love as Mikey’s warts-and-all video diary takes us on a tour that redefines how you look at life, love and those strange noises you hear at night...



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Mikey's Extreme Romance is Known For
Credit Details Role
Production Designer Michael Newton
Sound Design Mel Stewart
Director of Photography Velinda Wardell ACS
Director Jamie Lewis
Writer Jamie Lewis
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