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Spilt Milk

 Spilt Milk 1 Photo


Dallas, TX, 2010, 82 mins.

Todd Wells is disenchanted, disgruntled, disheveled, and the assistant manager at the local grocery store.

Once a popular high school standout, an accident changed his life and he now finds himself awkwardly stuck in a dead-end routine, unable to move forward.

His future however, is about to change. After arriving late to his night-shift Todd encounters a robber who takes him and everyone in the store hostage.

This motley group is forced together to wait-out the timelock on the safe.

Personalities are revealed, the past explored, and there’s a chuckle at every twist of this accidental comedy.


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Spilt Milk is Known For
Credit Details Role
Director Blake Calhoun
Writer Daniel Bower
Producer Marc Stephens
Cast Jake Johnson, Chase Jeffery, Sue Rock, Jonathan Brooks, Gail Cronauer, Cherami Leigh, Tom Maden, Kimberly Matula, Matthew Tompkins, Akron Watson, Dwight Greene, and Shauna McLean
Cinematographer Alan Lefebvre
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