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Close But No Cigar

 Close But No Cigar 1 Photo


St.Louis, MO - February 2011 - 68 min
World Premiere

Bob Zany has been in show business since he made his national television debut on the 'Gong Show' in 1976. As a comedian, he has worked everywhere and worked with everyone. So why isn't Bob Zany a bigger name? And what keeps him going, out performing on the road more than 45 weeks a year? This documentary follows Bob for almost two years, as he pursues his goal of having his own one-hour comedy special. During that pursuit, through interviews and archival footage, Bob examines his career in comedy from the inside looking out, and from the outside looking in. The film includes interviews with George Wallace, Carrot Top, Ralphie May, Frank Caliendo, Fred Willard, Kathleen Madigan, Judd Apatow, Bob & Tom, and Rick Messina, among others.



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Close But No Cigar is Known For
Credit Details Role
Director Jay Kanzler
Producers Jay Kanzler and Jack Twesten
Cast Bob Zany, bob Kevoian, Carrot Top, Erin O'Connor, Felicia Michaels, Frank Caliendo, Fred Willard, George Wallace, Harland Williams, Judi Brown-Marmel, Kathleen Madigan, Kristi Lee, Ralphie May, Rick Messina, Ron Sexton, Todd Glass, Tom Griswold
Cinematographer Jack Twesten
Editor Jay Kanzler
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