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Ron Stubbs

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The OUTRAGEOUS Comedy Hypnosis Show! If you're looking for an old fashioned, outdated boring show...well folks..this isn't it. If you ARE looking for a modern, fast paced, laugh a minute, mind bending excursion thru the inner mind...then you have found the right place. So buckle up tight and hang's a wild ride... P.S. We are not responsible for giggling, snickering, laughter or outrageous behavior. Please use at your own risk. Take two parts outrageously funny entertainment; one part mind opening, add ice and shake well and you've got an idea of what this show is all about. You see, Ron goes beyond the usual "patter" of most performers and brings the show to you! Exploring the infinite possibilities that the mind can create and as well providing an entertaining show where no one leaves embarrassed. Each show is unique and if Ron is in your city for multiple shows the attendance only increases each night as those who witness this amazing performance spread the word and return the next night...bringing a new crop of witnesses and volunteers... By using willing volunteers from the audience, Ron sends them into a new world...a world free from embarrassment and inhibitions. His subjects are the first to line up after show...wanting to be the "stars" of the evening... Ron's commitment to providing his audience a great show and bringing top value for the entertainment dollar begins with first-class promotional materials and great sound and lighting equipment making Ron's show is not only memorable and's completely self-contained! As a sought after hypnotherapist, Ron has assisted literally thousands of people lose weight, stop smoking, release crippling phobias and issues such as fibromyalgia and tinnitus; offering new life to those clients. So ladies and gentlemen...hold on to your seats...there is a new era in live entertainment and comedic stage hypnosis... The future is here...and his name is........Ron Stubbs


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