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Vince Barnett

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Vince Barnett began his comedy career not far from the bright lights and boardwalk of Atlantic City but not in one of the illustrious casino showrooms. It was in a run down comedy club named Sweet Cheeks.

“I didn’t know if they wanted me to give out lap dances for tips or tell jokes with a name like Sweet Cheeks”!

It was at the urging of Comedian Kevin Hart. Perhaps, Kevin saw something in Vince that Vince did not see in himself or maybe he just wanted to just have a good laugh at Vince’s expense. His first night of comedy was not a memorable one to say the least. He was booed off stage in under two minutes. “Try to imagine the pressure of Amateur night at the Apollo multiplied by 10″. An opening night like that would make most new comedians go back to there day jobs but Vince realized something at that very moment. ”It can’t get any worse than getting booed off stage, It can only get better from here”!

Since that unforgettable evening he’s gone on to work with some of the biggest names in comedy including his all time favorite comedian Bill Cosby. He also made his acting debut in the Indy Romantic Comedy The Laundromat and appeared on BET’s Bring That Week Back!

He’s now a crowd favorite wherever he performs and a voice in comedy that’s on the rise and needs to be heard when he’s in your town. You can catch him on his upcoming US comedy tour.

When not performing Comedy he’s a inspirational and motivational speaker. He works hard with his “Comedy For A Cause” initiative to feed & provide clothes to the homeless, raise awareness and money for non-profit organizations like, Habitat For Humanity and individuals like Shakiyl Smith and the Shakiyl Smith Foundation

“I’ve been blessed by so many during my life it’s my responsibility to now be a blessing to others”!


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Laundromat The Movie Romantic Comedy Police Officer
BET's Bring That Week Back Commentator
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