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Mara Marek

Mara Marek Mara Marek Mara Marek Mara Marek Mara Marek Mara Marek Mara Marek 7 Photos

 The population of Rockford, Michigan increased by a substantial percentage on September 26th when Mara was born to her proud parents, Marian and Richard…she is the younger sister to Heather and accidentally, woops, I mean…luckily, the older sister to her brother Nicholas. Although Mara’s parents did not allow time for television, as education was on the forefront of priorities, as well as limiting the amount of time the kids could make a mess in the house, she found a companion in her dog King Kong and her incredible hulk bike. Destined to be the son her father never had, (if you didn’t catch it earlier, Nick was born MUCH later), Mara spent her days outside with her dad taking piston rings off of engines and assisting in slope calculations for her dad’s Cad drawings.

With that solid foundation of nerdiness, she remained persistent in her band-geek ways through her high school career by playing three instruments, starting on the golf team, participating in debate, all while remaining just under 5 ft tall. Mara attempted to gain some “cool” factor with her class-mates by partaking in the cheer team, but alas, she was a geek and continued down the genetically pre-disposed path her father had set for her by over-educating herself in Mathematics, Economics and later Sciences…

A cancer survivor at a young age, the only struggle she continues with is her romantic relationships. The only lasting relationship has been and continues with her heterosexual life-partner Briana aka her bestie. . Shifting her focus to recreating more carefree days…the whimsical memories of her incredible hulk bike drew her to pursuing a career in bicycling…two near death run-ins with automobiles stunted that career, but opened the door to the world of fitness. She appeared on the local morning news as the witty and clever trainer for those seeking motivation, weight loss solutions and some easy laughs. Entertaining her clients and the gym members was the bridge to pursuing her current career in comedy. She tried her hand at stand up and hasn’t looked back…


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