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Geoff Garlock

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 Geoff Garlock is a writer/performer who has been studying/performing at UCB since 2002.

Geoff is currently a sketch writer on the UCBT Maude team Slow Burn []. Geoff was also a writer on the Maude teams The Skuntz and one of the original Maude Teams, iBadger. Geoff also wrote and performed in the horror based sketch show "I LAUGHED UNTIL I DIED" which had a succesful run at the UCB Theatre. Geoff is also a panelist on the montly music roundtable discussion show, Break Up Your Band [], where he plays the part of old, cranky curmudgeon.

Geoff is also a member of the sketch duo Strachlock [], along with Emily Strachan. Emily and Geoff were both writers on the Maude team Slow Burn and soon started writing writing sketch together, in order to harness their shared insanity. Soon enough they realized this insanity must be made into a full on nutzo fest of a show called "Gettin' Quaid []" which is currently running at the UCB Theatre. Get ready world...get ready.

When Geoff is not making the funny he is usually creating brutality in music form. Geoff Garlock played bass in the hardcore band Orchid [] and Vice Recording artists Panthers []. He currently plays guitar in the metal band Dark Vibe and bass in the grindcore band The Year is One, continuing to alienate the world through music.

When you lay out Geoff's life, it looks pretty good. Even though most days he feels like a glorified hobo
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