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Leffy Gaston

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Jeffrey Gaston (born December 15, 1986), better known by his stage name as Leffy Gaston, is an American comedian who was born and raised in the town of Fairbury, NE. As a child, Gaston was heavily influenced by videos of comedians like Jeff Foxworthy, Tim Allen, George Carlin, and Chris Rock. Gaston, was a well known class-clown throughout his school, would become well known for his quick and witty come-backs. It was discovered and officially diagnosed at the age of fifteen that Gaston had been born with Glaucoma. Doctors were in disbelief that Gaston had actually been born with Glaucoma because the chances at the time were a fraction of one percent of the world population. From the age of fifteen he endured years multiple specialists visits, large amounts of medication, and underwent a surgery to save his right eye in early 2010. Never one afraid to be behind the microphone, Gaston started his own DJ Company at the age of 16. His nights of DJing across Nebraska, by himself, were where he first developed his confidence behind the mic. Later in 2007 while Gaston was attending college he was approached by a friend about performing at an open mic night in Lincoln, Ne. After his first comedic night on stage he was hooked. Gaston had realized that being a comedian was what he wanted to do. In December of 2008 he graduated college with a degree in Nondestructive Testing Technologies. Gaston took a job in Kansas City where he continued to perform comedy at open mic nights until he began working on the road as a welding inspector and would not get another chance at the stage until 2011. After relocating back to Nebraska, for a job only thirty miles where he was born and raised, Gaston felt the need to get back behind the mic. Since early 2011 Gaston has become a regular MC in Omaha, NE and can be found on a weekly basis performing at Duffy’s in Lincoln, NE. Gaston’s popularity has began to grow rapidly throughout the Midwest due to his comedic performances about growing up with Glaucoma, his lack of knowledge on women, and his take-a-step-back look at things that occur in today’s society. His story-telling style act is a high energy show that keeps you wanting more and cannot be missed.


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