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 Hailed as one of the most unique acts in comedy, Longhorn The Comedian is the premiere “Black Cowboy Comedian “ working the country today. His act is billed as “The Longhorn Comedy Show,” which is just as unique – a hilarious blend of jokes and observations from a “Country Boy’s” point of view. His material ranges from stuff about his kids, current events and past experiences. Longhorn offers a rousing night of entertainment performed with a Texas Flair. Longhorn prides himself on not being a "Cookie Cutter Comedian", his style is all his own. Longhorn'a style consist of Blue Collar, Mainstream and Urban comedy all mixed together to bring you a very unique comedy perspective.

Born Vernon E. Davis, II, in the small town of Heidenhaimer, Texas to a family of “crazy country people”, he quickly learned that the lessons of life are easier to learn if you add just a little humor. There is nothing “off-limits” to Longhorn’s comedic third eye. He takes the events of life as he sees them and then turns them around to show you how it appears to him and why it is funny. Seriously, nothing is sacred, he talks about kids, old people, midgets, past life experiences, current events, politics and whatever else he sees that needs to be humanized. True comedy is life as we all see it but it takes a comedian like Longhorn to turn it around and help you see the humor in it, there is something funny about everything, I do mean everything to include church (one of his favorite topics, his mother was an Evangelist).

Longhorn has traveled extensively as a comedian, a veteran and a military brat. While seeing the country and encountering various people has allowed Longhorn to be little broader than most comedians. Being able to identify with various people, classes and cultures allows Longhorn the depth and ability to perform for any audience. Longhorn performs for churches, corporate events, college and high school events, comedy clubs (both mainstream and urban), night clubs and private events, having material tailored for each event and sometimes using what comes to mind while he is on stage.

More than anything, this “Texas Born and Bred Cowboy” is a welcome antidote to the manic, fast-paced comedians currently clogging stages and airwaves. Tapping into his laid-back Texas roots, Longhorn sets a mellow mood with wry observations and humorous anecdotes that will leave you rolling with laughter.

Longhorn has performed with some the country’s top and best known comedians to include: Thea Vidale, Paul Mooney, Vic Dunlap, Tracy Morgan, Adell Givens, Uncle Larry Rebb, James Johan, Tommy Davidson, he even opened for David Allen Coe, just to name a few. You can put him on any stage anywhere and he will hold his own.

Longhorn’s Goals:

· Perform in All 50 States
· Travel Overseas to entertain the troops
· Show the world that “Comedy Has No Color”
· Continue to strive to bring laughter to everyone who sees him on stage


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