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Duke Michaels ImFamous

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Tall dark and handsome, Duke Michaels’ quick witted, ego maniacal sense of humor has catapulted him to the top of his game and the world of self-promotion. Dubbing himself as Famous: Duke Michaels never holds back when asked, “What do you do?” “Well,” he says. “I’m Famous.” This humoristic sarcastic approach toward Hollywood stereotypes, ironically has branded him and his tag; I’m Famous. Having a 12 year background in coordinating special events, he is well known in Southern California for his event planning under the name SIN.SEI ENTertainment. He is a master at what he does and everywhere he goes his giant stature leaves an everlasting impression. People love Famous people. Mostly performing live in San Diego, Ca. you can check out Duke’s storybook style Comedy and every day observations of life at many Stand-Up Comedy venues and local bars, around Southern California. Rest assured Duke will be performing in a City near you. Being that our lives are masterfully guided and persuaded by social media outlets, be on the lookout for Duke Michaels. He is absolutely, FAMOUS.


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