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Rick Rome

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So you wanna know more about Rick Rome. Well a long time ago in a Uterus far far away (Muscoy to be precise) lived a fetus anxious to pop out into the world. That fetus was me. When I came out of the womb, I was trying to tell jokes, but I couldn't figure out how to talk, so I cried and cried and cried. The only way to shut me up was to put a booby in my face. Which still works to this very day.

I used to take the bus in Highschool. Kids on the bus would always try to bag (put me down jokingly) on me. They just didn't know, bagging on my friends was my hobby; I later found out it was just practice. It was a bagging session every day. I would piss kids off so much, they would go home, write new bags and try to get me the next day. I was winning every day, I felt like a king, but I still didn't know I was destined to be a Comic.

After Highschool I didn't know what I wanted, but what ever it was, it was gonna be funny. And when Karoke came out for the first time, that was my niche. I would go to Round Table every friday and sing my favorite songs with new dances I created week to week. People would come out on fridays just to see me sing. People would tell me I should be a Stand up Comic all the time. I would just chuckle and agree, but I didn't have the urge.

Finally in 1999 I decided to try Stand Up for the first time. The mother of my child and I had been broken up for 5 years and decided to start spreading rumors about me to my family and daughter. I felt like I couldn't defend myself, because the damage had already been done. I was so frustrated with this woman I wanted to tell the whole world what a terrible person this woman was, and what better way than to do it at an open mic. I tour into her, the crowd was loving it, my soul felt cleansed and I felt like a movie star. I had the fever and never looked back. Stand up is a part of my life now and I'm never gonna give it up.

In 2004 I became a regular at The Laugh Factory. I remember that night all to well. It was my 30th birthday and we went to Miyagi's and sang Karoke. I sang The Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston and a little man about 4 feet tall came up with a 40 ounce and was swaying his arms back and forth with me on the stage. This is also the night Sara and I became a couple.

Now I perform at many venues all over southern California. I am deathly afraid of flying, so I have regrettably have turned down some gigs that involve flying including the USO Tour. This is a fear I definitely need to conquer. I have been performing at The Improvs (Ontario, Irvine, Melrose and Brea) The Icehouse, The Comedy Store (La Jolla and Hollywood) The Laugh Factory, Flappers and The Ha Ha.

I also host the longest running Comedy rooms in the Inland Empire. Liam's Irish Pub hosts Ridiculous Tuesdays and has been for 7 years in May and The Green Frog will be 6 years in April. I provide compensation for Comedians.

I also theme the shows I run for the most part with the type of Comedy I provide for the audience. Hot Girls Tell Dirty Jokes (consist of beautiful female Comedians telling Dirty Jokes) IE's FunnIEst (consist of hilarious comedians with in the community, in this case the Inland Empire) The Anglo Saxon Attraction (consist of the most hilarious white Comics with a circus theme, the host dresses up like a ring leader) 420 Comedy Show (consist of 4 Comedians telling 20 minutes of hilarious jokes) and much more...


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Comedy Time Internet Comedy Show Comedian
KC Armstrong Prime Time Television Internet talk show Most of ou guests were from the porn industry. We had the porn Olympics. Girls were throwing rubber dongs. Pls we did stand up and skits on the show co-host
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