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Paul Brumbaugh

Paul Brumbaugh Paul Brumbaugh Paul Brumbaugh 3 Photos

Paul Brumbaugh is a single father with 4 children all in their teenage years... It's no wonder that he is on the stage of life that is Comedy... Check out his un-barred view of the crazy world we live in Today.

He's best known for his podcast: The Edge of Insanity:
Brumbaugh’s humor and unique perspective on the local comedy scene along with a variety of interesting guests will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering where they may go next. Stayed tuned to keep your finger on the pulse of what people are already calling a road map to entertainment in The City!

To hear another side of Paul, Come to one of his live shows to get that unfiltered perspective look at his topsy turvey life as it unravels in front of your eyes.



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Paul Brumbaugh is Known For
Credit Details Role
Edge of Insanity Webisode Producer, Host & Studio Voice
Edge of Insanity Webisode FCCFREERADIO.COM Producer & Host
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