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Rich Carucci

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Rich Carucci is a fan of comedy. He is a second generation comedian who's grandfather was a vaudvillian song/dance & comedy act. Rich was a childhood actor who appeared on several Chef Boyardee commercials, off broadway plays and The 1972 Ed Sullivan Easter Special,'Clowning Around" with singer Tiny Tim, actress Lucie Arneaz and comedian Chuck McCann. Rich got into comedy writting while resideing in Denver Colorado in the early 1990's and was published in several local papers & magazines. He began his standup comedy career in early 2001 and quickly became known as "The Steamroller of Comedy" for one good reason, he flattens everything and everyone in his path. Audiences near and wide are left gasping for air at Rich's in-your-face and at the same time personable style. No one and no subject is safe from "The Steamroller". Rich delivers blue collar everyman style entertainment that people can relate to and his no-nonsence sometimes politically incorrect (but never mean) humor endears him to audiences of all kind. Whether it be his witty material on current events or his hysterical crowd work, he's fierce, friendly and funny all at the same time. Do yourself a favor and go checkout "The Steamroller of Comedy!"


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