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Drew Michael

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Oh, I'll tell you. Drew Michael is a clinical narcissist who spends hours each day reading his own tweets, lamenting the fact that they were under-appreciated. He only cares about himself and that's why he'll never learn how to be intimate in a meaningful way.


Drew now lives in New York. (Thank god.) He was born and raised in Chicago, and that's where he started doing his "act." He spent 6 years there doing open mics, bar shows, clubs, colleges, traveling the country doing stand-up, performing in like 400 shows a year. Or so he said. Either way, he was never home. He never took me out. He was too busy scribbling self-involved bullshit into a notebook. TimeOut Chicago said he was "smart, funny, and unabashedly crass," which, as you can expect, went straight to his giant head. He got to open for all these comics like Marc Maron, Nick Kroll, Doug Stanhope, Paul F. Tompkins, Hannibal Buress, and he made me sit in the back at all of them and he wouldn't even talk to me before the show. He was a New Face in the 2014 Montreal Just For Laughs festival earning rave reviews from "...deviates so easily from the setup-punch line formula to great effect."


Drew released his first album (Lovely) in 2013. The album debuted #1 on the iTunes comedy charts, which is surprising considering it's this really pretentious love-concept album. He also does some stupid podcast (I Might Be Wrong) where he just sits in his apartment and complains for a half-hour each week. He thinks he's being really honest and profound when he talks about esoteric topics but the truth is he can't sit still with his own thoughts because he hates himself. Even his mom agrees with me on that.


Anyway, Drew is kind of funny, I guess, if you're into weird jokes about death or bestiality or Hitler or love or whatever else he thinks he knows about. If you're into that you should probably go see him soon because, at this rate, most likely someone will murder him. (Fingers crossed.)     - Drew's Ex



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