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Michael Oddo

Michael Oddo Michael Oddo Michael Oddo Michael Oddo Michael Oddo Michael Oddo Michael Oddo Michael Oddo Michael Oddo 9 Photos

 Comedy Hypnotist Michael Oddo is a performing stage hypnotist as well as a certified consulting hypnotist. At a very early age Michael became fascinated by the power hypnosis and how it has helped people overcome emotionally based problems as well as to expand their horizons, remove old attitudes and habit barriers, and teach them new life expanding skills.

Michael became interested in hypnosis as a teenager by reading books and practicing on family and friends. As Michael matured, so did his skills in hypnotism. Michael achieved his certification as a Hypnotherapist (CHT) title through the American Board of Hypnotherapy and The National Guild of Hypnotist in 2001.

After Michael received his certification he began he practice helping people overcome personal issues such as smoking, weight, stress management, and many other personal issues that his clients needed to overcome.
Shortly after working with clients’ troubles, Michael saw another calling for his talents. Michael began working in groups to assist clients with similar issues such as smoking, weight management, stress reduction, and sales motivation.

During these seminars, clients would ask questions like “you won’t have us doing anything silly, will you?” Of course that was not a place of play however many times Michael was asked to do such demonstrations of having people reach their intercreativity to perform some of these outrageous stunts. During a sales motivation seminar Michael decided that he would have a little fun with a couple of his clients with their permission. The sales staff enjoyed the demonstration so much it became a must see presentation.


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