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Lisa Best

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Ever since she slid out of her mother's cozy womb, crapped on the Rabbi and sprayed the doctor, Lisa Best began her life journey to entertain and confuse random strangers.

Never failing to snicker at the word “duty,” Lisa became a self-proclaimed pariah. At the age of fifteen, her classmate Billy Hidges called her a fartball. She then entered a delirium-induced walking coma, believed it impossible to have reached the peak of public humiliation, and began writing and performing stand-up comedy.
When audience members responded to her catharsis disguised as stand-up with laugher rather than fiery daggers, Lisa became addicted to the stage.

Lisa Best currently resides in Los Angeles where she produces the Warped Penguin comedy show at Westside Comedy theater, showcasing L.A.'s underground comedy scene week after week.


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