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Carolyn Noel Luckett

Carolyn Noel Luckett Carolyn Noel Luckett Carolyn Noel Luckett Carolyn Noel Luckett 4 Photos

     Carolyn Noel Luckett is a newcomer to Comedy and enjoys sharing her dating adventures and life experiences with her audiences. Carolyn is a divorced Mother of two who is at the age of 45 telling her side of the story about what its like  for her to be out there in the dating world once again. She has a somewhat innocent approach to Comedy and her fans love the fact that she is willing to "be real" about just what her life has been like while dating outside of her comfort zone. She has been performing comedy since November 2011 and has been compared to Comediennes Roseanne Barr as well as the late Gilda Radnor. Carolyn is a fan of both Comediennes and admits she definitely shares Gilda Radnor's hair issues. She loves to make people laugh and her audiences respond well to her comedic style and beauty.

     Carolyn is a Southern California native who grew up in Lakewood, California and graduated from Lakewood High School in 1985. She has two children, Melissa age 20, who lives in Illinois and Robert ,age 22 who lives currently in Texas.


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