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Brad Lowrey

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Brad is a common sight on the college scene, as he performs in excess of 200 colleges per year. Lowery can definitely hold his own on the stage. In addition to appearing on numerous television shows, including NBC’s “Showtime at the Apollo” twice, he has also opened for such comedians as Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, Tommy Davidson and now D.L. Hughley.

Brad has also appeared on A&E’s “Caroline’s Comedy Hour,” “Star Search” and “Comedy Flava” on the FOX Network. He also worked as the audience warm-up for “The Queen Latifah Show,” also on FOX. As a testament to his comedy greatness, Lowery has been nominated for the “Comedian of the Year” an amazing four times in a row.

Award-winning comedian Brad Lowery visits UMaine
By Laura Maddock

Brad Lowery, a comedian who performs at college campuses across the country, made the University of Maine his latest stop when he performed for nearly 200 UMaine students Friday night. Wells Commons was packed with students eager to watch Lowery, a performer who has opened for acts such as Adam Sandler, Chris Rock and Tommy Davidson. Lowery also has been seen on A & E ‘s “Caroline’s Comedy Hour,” “Star Search” and NBC’s “Showtime at the Apollo.”

“We’re in the woods!” New York City resident Lowery said as he commented on the location and rawness of Maine. Lowery began the evening with gags relating to airplanes and Sept. 11, a daring move considering the serious subject matter. He joked about airline security, such as metal detectors and clothing searches – all of which resulted in laughter. After reassuring the audience that he thought these actions were admirable, he questioned why airplanes bothered with seatbelts.

“There are no sudden stops on planes,” Lowery said. “You will not go to the cockpit, the cockpit will come to you.”

Another audacious subject Lowery commented on were the numerous shark attacks last summer. He referred to the attack in Pensacola, Fla. where a young boy was bitten on his right arm.

“If that were my nephew I would have said, ‘Well, I guess you’re left handed now, aren’t you!,’” the comedian said.

Audience participation was crucial to the set, and often was the cause for Lowery’s own amusement. At one point he doubled over in laughter after more than half the crowd raised their hands in answer to the question “How many of you have ever seen a moose?” Lowery later asked the audience if anyone was planning on getting married; a question that tumbled into jokes about men, women, relationships and his ex-wife.

“Do you guys remember do-overs?” Lowery asked. “Wouldn’t that be great in life? Married the wrong woman – do over!” Lowery also engaged the audience in laughter with issues concerning his grandfather’s funeral, his daughter “becoming a woman,” men only using one side of their brain, and the spankings he once received as a child and now has no problem distributing.

“I think it’s only right to pass that down,” Lowery said. “Whap! That’s from your grandmother.”

Lowery used the local area and university setting to make the crowd react. He inquired about the correct pronunciation of Orono, and when the audience answered, Lowery doubled over in laughter once again.

“Maybe they spelled it wrong – or maybe I just didn’t read it,” he said.

Moving on, Lowery asked audience members about their plans for the rest of the evening. One first year student revealed that she was going to sleep. Lowery used this to his advantage.

“You’re going to bed at 10:30?” Lowery said. “You have a class tomorrow? Do you have a life?”

Lowery continued by launching into stories of drinking and alcohol. He questioned the audience about being drunk, as he accurately imitated dry heaving while the crowd roared with laughter. Despite the sophomoric humor and touchy subject matter, Lowery received a standing ovation. His wit, excitement and presence held the attention of the audience for the full hour and a half during which he performed.


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