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Peter Depp

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Bold … Brash … In your face. That’s the kind of unabashed humor you can expect from comedian Peter Depp. Nashville’s own leading gay comic never fails to deliver the funny.

The star of the Sundance Channel’s critically acclaimed second season of Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys (which garnered a GLAAD Award nomination for Best Reality Show) serves up a unique brand of over-the-top humor that is both side-splitting funny and unapologetic along the way. Depp is a much-loved staple of Nashville’s comedy circuit, well known and admired for his outlandish comedic styling that resonates with fans not only in Music City, but as far south as Atlanta and up the East Coast as well.

This gay, Jewish father of three proudly embraces his homosexual self on any stage he sets foot on. Audiences, gay and straight, love him for his honest approach at poking fun at himself and the community in general. He’s not afraid to say the things everyone else secretly thinks, and he is expert at rolling his 30-year-old boyish charm into the mix.

Depp is unafraid to play up the gay stereotype on stage. And, in fact, he often goes there in an effort to debunk the stereotype. Depp is aggressive, very gay and sometimes extremely filthy, and there within resides his mass appeal. He’s not scared to say what’s on his mind on any count, regardless of what platform he’s on. Depp’s on-stage antics are all about opening the minds of those in his audience, and he succeeds with gusto.

Depp’s comedy resonates with audiences across the board, but this funny man also has a serious side. As an anti-bullying activist, Depp makes regular appearances speaking at colleges, universities and community events in an effort to educate and inform the public about the dangers of bullying and the need to support kids who are the targets of it.

Peter Depp is truly one of the funniest people anyone will encounter. If you see his name on a marquee in a town near you, do yourself a favor and buy the ticket. You’ll be glad you did, and you can count on laughing your ass off, especially when Depp himself takes pause to ask, “Too much?”



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