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Frank Merino

Frank Merino 1 Photo

Frank Merino's first word in English was "strawberry". Because of the Strawberry Festival in Oxnard California. (It's a good thing they weren't having a Vagina festival.)

Very little else is known about Merino. Like Luis, the character he plays on Comedy Central's "American Body Shop," Frank doesn't talk much. A chuckle here and there. A disapproving grunt every now and then. Lots of swearing in Spanish...

Here's what we do know:

Frank is 6'1". His moustache is real. He had to gain 20 pounds to play Luis (not to mention the 10 pounds that the camera adds). His inspiration is the legendary Mexican comedian Cantinflas. He's a single father of 3 (Frank. Not Cantinflas.)

He came to America at the age of five, when his hippie Mom and serious Dad moved him and his family to Southern California (So-Cal) from Peru (P-Ru).

Before "American Body Shop," he had small roles in a bunch of other shows, such as "Grey's Anatomy", "Judging Amy" and a couple episodes of "The Shield".


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