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Olivia Grace

Olivia Grace 1 Photo

Just about to enter her senior year of highschool, 17-year-old comedian Olivia Grace gives audience members a very rare glimpse into the mind of a troubled teenager. "She was born skeptical" as her mom put it. So nine years of resentment and Catholic school later, a young kid who's always honest but never vindictive was given a microphone, and huzzah! Olivia's parent's dreams of her becoming a doctor were crushed.

Her act is honest, thoughtful and playfully dark and covers everything from her own personal stories to politics and society and all that other important crap.

Despite her age, she performs regularly at major comedy clubs in Orange County and Los Angeles and has won multiple contests against amatuer and veteran comics. She writes her own material and functions as her own agent and manager.







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Olivia Grace is Known For
Credit Details Role
Brea Improv With Gene Pompa Guest Spot
Jon Lovitz Comedy Club & Podcast Theater Jon Lovitz Annual Comedy Contest (Week 1) First Place; current finalist
Irvine Improv City Stars Comedy Contest Second Place
Irvine Improv City Stars Comedy Contest First Place
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