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Leroy Williams

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Though secure and comfortable in his position with the Corps of Engineers in Norfolk, Virginia, the challenges of life were overwhelming and led to a threatening despondency. The laughter had ebbed. Life was no longer fun. He had come to a fork in the road and self-destruction loomed heavily before him. Leroy Williams decided to follow that inner desire to perform a stand-up comedy routine. Venturing into uncharted territory, he attended an open mic contest at a local comedy club and walked away the first place winner. Wild applause and infectious laughter at his brand of humor won for him the job of emcee for the following week. Laughter had reigned. Since that day in 1989, Williams, with dogged determination has charted a path for his success, studying his craft, honing his skills and trusting that the talent he was given had been destined for success. Today Leroy Williams employs the use of hypnosis in his show; a craft that he studied to enhance his already successful stand-up routine. Hypnotic improvisation adds electrifying excitement through audience participation. Always a wild and wacky show but never embarrassing to his guests, Williams’ hypnotic suggestions include having participants believe that they can sing like Aretha Franklin. Leroy Williams is a certified intellect – validated by a degree in Architecture – yet, genetically predisposed to be a comedic genius. Such a coupling might make the average person writhe in agony along the path or road of least resistance. Ah, but that was not the case for Leroy Williams. When he found himself at the fork in the road of self-destruction -vs- self-preservation, he chose to enhance the gift within him, by becoming a stand-up comic. Today, with the success of HypnoBro, it is difficult to believe that there was ever a time when Leroy Williams didn’t consider being a performer. According to his sister: “I always saw my brother as an entertainer, I knew the talent was enormous when as little children, I watched his performance as “the preacher” in a little tots’ mock wedding ceremony production. Better still, was his portrayal of John Henry in a school production. The best performances were at home, when the five siblings would transform my parent’s living room into the center stage of a variety show. Leroy would become so thoroughly immersed in his comical characters that it would leave the rest of us in stitches. And…I have the pictures to prove it!” Smitten with comedic performance, but still practical, Leroy Williams did not commit to standup until 1991 when he returned to his home town of Houston, Texas – the mecca of comedy in the southwest United States. Leroy became a regular at The Comedy Place, which proved to be a great training ground. Sometimes, the audience only consisted of 3 patrons. At other times, 150 patrons would be in attendance. Regardless of the numbers, the show went on. In an instant, one could be called on to MC or headline, as advance notice was optional. You had to work hard at becoming a better comedian or you’d get left in the pack of “also rans” and “could have beens.” Leroy paid his dues the old fashioned way – by working the road. The experience proved invaluable as Leroy climbed through the ranks to headline such notable clubs as Pierce St. Annex in Anchorage, Alaska, The Punchline and Bobby’s Comedy Corner in Houston, Texas, and The Comedy Lift in Omaha, Nebraska. His international performances include Germany, Japan and Korea. Having appeared on BET’s Comic View numerous times and as the opening act for such notables as Steve Harvey, Cedric the Entertainer and D.C. Curry, Leroy added hypnosis to his repertoire to the delight of audiences in clubs, colleges and corporate events nationwide. Arguably, the only black stand-up comedian/hypnotist in the country, (if you don’t count Baptist preachers) HypnoBro serves up Da Laffs to all age groups and venues. With an undeniable stage presence and HypnoBro‘s blend of urban, contemporary, and hip-hop humor mixin’ it up with hypnotic improvisation and observational comedy, his shows can be tailored to fit your needs. “HypnoBro‘s” television credits include numerous appearances on BET’s “Comic View” and ABC’s “The Debra Duncan Show.” He has opened for acts such as Steve Harvey, Cedric the Entertainer, and Don D.C. Curry. Williams credits himself as the only black stand-up comic/hypnotist in the country. His show contains a mixture of urban contemporary observational comedy, hip-hop, and hypnotic improvisation. Don’t miss out on your chance to be “HypBrotized.” A brand new flavor of Hypnosis has arrived! So, come on everybody, let’s get HypBrotized!


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