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Elena Coats

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Elena Coats is an American singer/songwriter born on April 19th, 1997. She was raised in Twin Falls, Idaho, by her mother Margie and her father Todd, along with 3 other siblings. At the early age of 4 Elena was singing to her favorite Disney tunes. The first song her parents remember her singing was "Once Upon a Dream" from the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty. The 4-year-old Elena captured her parents' attention, and at that moment they knew their daughter could be an amazing singer.

Todd and Margie have raised their children with a strong focus on music and the arts. At 6 years old, Elena began piano lessons. When Elena's older sister Jordan started learning to play the guitar, Elena wanted to learn that as well. Elena picked up the guitar and was quickly playing. At 9 years old she was confidently able to sing and play the guitar in unison; The Plain White Tees song "Hey There Delilah" was the first song she learned.

Elena became very comfortable on stage and entered into many events, festivals, and talent shows. She showcased covers of all her favorite songs, and soon became a well-known name in her hometown for her amazing vocal and instrumental skills at such a young age. In March of 2010 Elena entered into the "Magic Valley's Got Talent" contest. At only 12 years old she placed before many musical veterans, taking second in the whole competition. One of the other contestants was so impressed by the 12 year-old girl that he wanted to give her some advice; he told her that in order to be great and to become an amazing singer, she would need to write her own songs. This influenced her artistic drive, and in just a few days she produced a handful of songs. Her first song was called "That's Just Me," and within 6 months she produced her first CD.

Elena continued performing in festivals and events, but now with her own music. In June of 2011 Elena made the bold choice to move to Los Angeles, California to pursue a full-time music career. Under the guidance of her mother, she left Twin Falls to live in the City of Angels. At 13, it was hard for her and her mother to leave her dad and brothers behind. As a teenager she knew she would miss out on high school experiences and moments with friends, but with her goals in place and her dreams in mind she focused on looking toward the future to come. Pursuing her dreams, and taking a step closer to where she wanted to be, kept her motivated. Living in Los Angeles brought the possibility that something bigger for her career could happen.

Coats has shown dedication to her music and the great lengths she will go to in order to become a successful singer and songwriter. Through her outgoing personality she has gained recognition by artist Colbie Caillat, and hosts Sharon Osbourne and Sheryl Underwood of The Talk on CBS. In February 2012 Elena performed in front of a live audience at CBS Studios with singer and comedian Wayne Brady on The Talk.

In 2013 Coats is in the studio recording. She started the summer recording at Windmark Studios in Santa Monica, California. Elena was just in the studio writing and recording with Travis Clark, lead singer of We The Kings. Elena is also in the recording studio with music producer and writer, Marcus John Bryant, who is on the Dieniahmar/EMI Publishing roster


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