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The Bornsteins

The Bornsteins The Bornsteins 2 Photos

What happens when a beautiful Mind Reader marries a Hollywood Stuntman? They create a knockout show that will blow your mind!

Jeff and Kimberly will amaze you, but the most astounding thing may be that they were able to turn a long distance relationship into a happy marriage (thanks to, AT&T and American Airlines.) Jeff is a big city guy from LA and a Hollywood stuntman who's been knocked out by Sylvester Stallone in the movies. Kimberly is small town girl from rural Oklahoma who knocked Jeff out the moment he laid eyes on her. From the start they both knew they shared a special connection, yet Jeff had no idea just how powerful her intuition could be. (All of the women in Kimberly's family are intuitive to some degree, so this ability never seemed special to her.) Kimberly says, "Jeff is my rock. When we married I felt a peace and security I'd never known before. It was like a light went on inside me and I found my powers of intuition growing remarkably focused and accessible, not just with Jeff, but with almost everyone." Kimberly never dreamed she'd be performing with Jeff at events for celebrities and Fortune 500 companies or touring with the USO (Jeff is an Army veteran.) Jeff says, "My wife tells me she loves being a party of two, but I know she enjoys dressing up and rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous. Funny thing is, whenever I see her smile I almost feel starstruck myself."

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